Student wish list 2018

As we start wrapping up a long year, papers are set and students are writing exams it is the best time to focus on the year ahead and the Impact you can make on your students of 2018.

Students of today thrive on engagement 

Students are online most of the time and the best way to learn is to get involved alongside them. Even the shyest of students, want some level of participation. We offer a technology that will facilitate this process in your classroom.

Teaching by reading from a text book or writing some words on a board are methods from before the industrial revolution and your class will soon deflect their attention to their mobile screens for more inspiration.

Get instant feedback on the material being shared, get students to engage with each other and the lecturer, using the latest in Student Response Technology (commonly referred to as clickers).

Students want a voice in the class, 80% of what we retain in our minds is what we’ve experienced in class.

Using clickers you’re able to immerse your students and create a collaborative learning environment, one that students are craving. They can be used for individual work or in group activities.

Teaching with clickers, Lecturers are more agile in their teaching methods, as they’re able to accurately and immediately gauge student understanding of the topics being discussed whilst tracking individual performance and keeping the whole class engaged.

Make 2018, the year your students get their wish.
Involve them don’t just teach them.

Chat to us today and we can assist you in delivering truly engaging lessons in your classroom.