Our support team at Participate regularly deal with audience response queries, mostly when the matrix throws a déjà vu cat in the mix. As with any type of technology, glitches and bugs crawl into a perfectly working system and create havoc.

In this blog post we demonstrate how to resolve the common support issue where TurningPoint does not load in PowerPoint.

FAQ: “My TurningPoint Ribbon does not appear in PowerPoint?”

PowerPoint with the TurningPoint Add-in loaded successfully.

Cause:  This is a common issue generally caused by Microsoft Office disabling all active add-ins, due to a crash or security settings. Sometimes these settings are also changed due to a Microsoft Office update. 

This can also happen you haven’t opened up TurningPoint before opening any PowerPoint presentations.

Below are the steps to re-enable the TurningPoint Add-in.

Solution 1:

1. Once PowerPoint has opened and there is no TurningPoint ribbon, Click on the File menu.

2. Navigate to the options button. Once selected, the PowerPoint Options dialogue will open. 

Accessing the Options within Powerpoint

3. On this window select Add-Ins.

4. If you see that TurningPoint is listed under Disabled Application Add-ins, you can simply reactivate TurningPoint. This can be done by selecting the drop-down next to Manage at the bottom, then select Disabled Items.

Re-enable TurningPoint within PowerPoint

5. A separate window will appear with TurningPoint listed, click the box next to TurningPoint and select Enable. Close PowerPoint options.

Enable TurningPoint within Powerpoint

6. If the ribbon doesn’t appear instantly, you may need to close and reopen PowerPoint.

If you’re still having issues with TurningPoint not loading within PowerPoint, visit our FAQ for more answers, or get in contact with our Support Team via the form below.

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